Lagarconne Bandeau

Shop campaign

Known throughout the world for her jewelry creations, Vanessa Tugendhaft has imagined a collection of silver and diamond jewelry in tribute to women which is full of contrast, richness and modernity: “La Garçonne”.

CDG played a major role in the brand’s launch: from designing and creating a visual identity and logo – including a photo shoot (photographer Ralph Wenig) intended for shop campaigns, a press kit and the website – on to creating and producing the display, starting with packaging and ending with the mood film, our teams mobilized all their know-how for this campaign.

Lagarconne Mannequin 1
Lagarconne Mannequin 2
Lagarconne Mannequin 3
Lagarconne Mannequin 4

Lagarconne Pack 1
Lagarconne Pack 2
Lagarconne Pack 3 New