CDG TRECA 2 Bandeau

International advertising

In 2014, French railway company SNCF decided to associate its legendary brand Orient Express to TRECA, the French benchmark in bedding, a symbol of chic and refined luxury.
CDG was therefore commissioned to create the image of this great « railway-bedding” adventure.
After scouting several Parisian railroad stations, the emblematic, majestic roof of Gare de l’Est was used for the photo shoot.
CDG’s expertise in photo retouching was then put to work for a dreamlike result. This was followed by the publication of press ads, the distribution of an international poster campaign, the design of a stand at the Milan fair and the creation of various communication tools (brochures, invitations, etc.).

CDG TRECA 2 Visuel 1
CDG TRECA 2 Visuel 2
CDG TRECA 2 Visuel 3
CDG TRECA 2 Visuel 4
CDG TRECA 2 Visuel 5
CDG TRECA 2 Visuel 6